Hope Prayer Vigil

HOPE Prayer Vigil

Holston Conference Day of Prayer for South Sudan: September 1, 2016

South Sudan is in crisis – five years after becoming the newest nation of the world. Many of us remember hearing from South Sudan the sounds of joy that rang out on the night their independence became real. Tears were shed for a country now free. It was a life-long dream for so many. But now, that happiness and the celebration have disappeared and the current reality is that the peace process is not looking like there will be a break-through anytime soon. The human condition is deteriorating. There is no food or medicines coming into the country and we are looking at massive famine. And, the fighting continues.

Hundreds of people are already dead, and thousands more have fed their homes to Uganda. Many of our families are living in refugee camps in Uganda, including the children of GRACE Home. The children of Greenland are safe in South Sudan at this time. We still hope to find a way to get them to safety in Uganda with the other children.

We need your help. We need you to pray.

Each district has two hours that we are asking for your particular attention. The Cleveland District is asked to pray at 3 a.m. and 3 p.m. You will find a helpful prayer guide here: http://www.episcopalchurch.org/page/prayers-people-south-sudan

Imagine South Sudan, its leaders, and all the people, bathed in prayer. For twenty-four hours on September 1, 2016, Holston will join our prayers together for hope and peace in a war-torn, poverty stricken country. Information and resources can be found at http://holston.org/HOPEPrayerVigil

But please don’t stop there. Please add the people of South Sudan to your prayer list and continue to cover them with your prayers until peace can be restored for these beautiful people we call our family.

Children of Sudan


“This is a moment with the children together and they are having a total refection of what is going on in our country and all of us were praying for peace. These children were shedding tears while praying for peace I tell you. It was so painful and touching with all those words coming from these children just searching for peace. Their mothers also join us for the prayers and it’s such a wonderful moment being with them despite our circumstance that befell us. A lot of greetings to you from them for your support and care. All send their greetings to you, and all said God’s blessings and protection upon you.” – A recent message from Mandela (pictured)