We’re excited to announce a new and unique ministry opportunity!  Keith Church will be partnering with Run For God, a small group that meets for Bible Study and then trains together for a race.  Our group will meet Wednesday and Sunday evenings, beginning Wednesday, January 28.  We will meet for study and training with the goal of running together on Saturday, April 11 in Dalton, Ga., in your choice of 5K (3.1 miles), 10K (6.2 miles), or half-marathon (13.1 miles).

This group is for EVERYBODY!  If you’re an experienced runner or lacing up your shoes for the first time, you can find fellowship and growth through Run For God.  Our Sunday/Wednesday training sessions will include couch-to-5K formats, designed to get inexperienced runners from just starting out to a 5K in 12 weeks.  More experienced runners can still participate in the small groups and encourage those new to running as we train together.

Our schedule for Run For God:

Wednesdays 5-5:30 PM for Training (beginning with introductory training session/Q&A on January 28)

Sundays 6-6:30 PM Bible Study, 6:30-7 PM Training

There is a $19 cost for Bible Study materials, plus an additional registration fee for the race.  Our team is led by Allyson Brown (423-368-6901) & Joy Rymer (423-368-6219), who you can contact with any questions.  If you’re interested, we invite you to come to the first session on Wednesday, January 28 in The Gathering at 5 PM.  We look forward to this new opportunity and the chance to grow together in so many ways!